I learned about this Marcel Duchamp piece With Hidden Noise at art school. It's a ball of twine with some unknown objects inside, clamped on top and bottom with brass plates and four bolts. It's an art rattle with unknown objects inside... Mystery objects contained and some sound as a clue. Supposedly Duchamp never knew what the objects inside the ball of twine were. They were chosen by a patron. Also, I think it has a very nice form like a four legged animal, or a funny building on stilts... it has some life of its own.

The chips and components themselves as small versions of this piece. Hidden noises encased. Epoxy potted invisible structures that give characteristic sounds to indicate their inner-workings.

I made my own art rattles out of HDPE scraps and dead components. The components are in this case not used for their electronic potentials but for their material properties as the filling for the rattle. -Will