Burdock Pickles

Recently made a big batch of burdock pickles with Lucas, I took pics for this recipe photoset.

1: Peel all the burdocks and cut them up into "matchsticks"

2: Boil with slices of ginger for about 15 minutes

3: Remove the boiled burdock with large spoon with holes

This liquid left from boiling the ginger and burdock is tasty tea, I put a little bit of sugar in it.

4: Soy sauce, rice vinegar, rice wine, honey, dried chillys, sliced garlic, and sesame seeds.. all to taste.

I'd say pretty well cover the burdock roots and favor the rice vinegar, maybe add a bit of water. I think in this bowl the mix was something like two tablespoon soy sauce, 1/2 cup rice vinegar, 1/4 cup rice wine, 4 chillies, 1 tablespoon honey, 1/4 cup water...

Keep them in the fridge and they stay good for about a week

CNC update/ e-waste finds

Let me brag about my good fortune. There was a box of "scrap aluminum" at the makers pace where I work sometimes, Mike C said it was all up for grabs. It was left behind by the high school robotics team that had been working in the space. I rooted around in the box to find a bunch of custom machined aluminum parts and motors and things. I was expecting to see some bent up extrusions and burnt up hobby motors. Instead, industrial automation motors and precision machined parts stamped with revision numbers and all tumbled or sandblasted... The parts were strange, and no doubt very expensive. Probably, they had been donated to the team by a company that couldn't waste time re-purposing these motors and recycling the custom parts. I went through the box, plucking parts to keep. Still not sure what I will do with some of the parts yet, but one of the parts that I found, I have put to use. I found a new Z axis for my small CNC at home. It happened to fit the same size motor that is already on the machine and be about the right amount of travel. In updating the axis I didn't want to put the trim router back on the machine as it seemed too large for this new slim and smart z axis. I changed the spindle to an ebay-belt-drive type. Still waiting on the DC motor drive module so I can be interfacing the spindle with the router's computer.