From a recent visit with John Berndt I collected a few things, one of which is the project of a circuit bent instrument which may need some electronic tending, this was John's initial reason for coming by my workbench. The other thing I collected is the term of relabi, a theory John developed which can be read about --- here --- We had a chat around recursive systems in music, he told me some of his earliest experiences with synthesizers and diagramming recursive synthesis systems without yet even access to a synth to implement them. I demonstrated some of the abilities of the double knot as we talked more about relabi and the slipping pulse. After Johns visit I went to the web and read his writing about relabi, then doing a google around the term's roots I also found a blog post of Peter b where he describes some various ways to get to relabi through electronics... most easily though random voltage into a vco, more convolutedly through circuilar modulation and control feedbacks. I'm thinking of this self erasing pulse, realizing I have this aim in kind of making synth systems that encourage relabic pulses, and also thinking of 13 year old John drawing imaginary recursive synth schemes; I thought I'd post here some generalized schematics of recursive phrasing systems and thinking of ways to relabi, stylized as constellations. Relabi constellations.